Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Restaurant reviews

My friend J and I decided that we need to try some new restaurants since we've both lived in LA our whole lives and pretty much eat at the same 4 restaurants (CPK, Island's, BJ's and Cheesecake Factory) all the time.

Last week we tried Ketchup , which we had seen on "The Hills" and in a magazine article on the best new restaurants. The food is diner/comfort food (hot dogs, mac and cheese, hamburgers) that has been made more "upscale." The food has really funny names like Barking Dogs (Kobe beef hot dogs) and Young Chick (grilled chicken breast). For dessert I got an ice cream sandwich that was so good. All meals come with 5 ketchups to try- YUM!

Then this past weekend we went to Il Sole . This restaurant is known for its celeb sightings (why else would we go??) but it also has really good italian food. We got both (Rod Stewart and Selma Blair and delicious pasta).

Unfortunately we will have to wait a while before we try any new places since these were both pretty expensive (though always fun to dress up and go out for a fun dinner).

P.S- Both nights I wore my new J.Crew boots. I am pretty much obsessed with them and am so glad I got them!


  1. Have you been anywhere good in DC? I have heard BLT and and the new RL Rugby cafe are good- also Michelle Richard has a new bistro trying to remember the name? Citon?

  2. I have been to BLT (when my dad came to visit) and it was really good. The popovers they serve first were amazing! I haven't been to the Rugby cafe but my friends go there often. They say the bartender/server is really cute.

    Citronelle is Richard's place and I haven't been there but have heard good things. His kids actually went to my elementary school before they moved from LA.

    My favorite DC restaurant, by far, is Matchbox. Their pizzas are so so good! Other (less expensive) favs: Lauriol Plaza, 2 Amys, and Open City.


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