Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend I went to Annapolis for a day of shopping and exploring. Unfortunately I left my camera behind so I could only take photos with my phone. Annapolis was a charming city and I loved seeing all the navy guys (uniforms with multiple anchors).

Anchor door knocker

Sailboat doorbell

Some of the stores I went to:
The Pink Crab where I got these Lilly sandals for more than half off!

Sitting Pretty
The Black Dog where I got my mom a pink baseball cap for her birthday
Annapolis Ice Cream Company
Chesapeake Trading Company where I got this picture frame:

And US navy anchor magnet:

I really wanted to go to Star Monograms but it was closed :( I am still looking for somewhere I can get two of my totes monogrammed (maybe Alexandria?)

Hopefully you all had a great holiday weekend!


  1. i love visiting annapolis!

    love the pink crab! plat du jour is cute store worth mentioning on main street up near the starbucks located in the basement of an old hotel that they were restoring when we were there.

    to eat:
    did you make it over to buddys for their seafood buffet? it's so good, we ate their twice when we were there a couple of months ago!

    also, phillips seafood - another awesome seafood place worth checking out!

    ...it's a great place to get away for the weekend! hope you had a great time, i can't wait to go back! crab, crab and more crab! yummy!

  2. do you know if they had a 9 in those navy little anchor sandals? i should call them and find out, sounds like you got an aweseme deal - lucky you!!!

  3. wow, you found some great stuff kate!

  4. I love Annapolis. I actually almost went to the Naval Academy. Last minute decision not to go.

    As for the monogramming, have you checked your college bookstore? Our school did it at a discount. They sent the stuff out every Monday and it came back the following week. It was fairly cheap, and they did a great job!

  5. LOVE downtown Annapolis! Wish I could navigate it better ;o)

  6. I looove the door knocker -that would look great at our house. As for navy boys well - who can complain at that??

  7. Those shoes are too cute! What a great buy. However, I think that if i visited Annapolis I would shop for a Sailor ;)

  8. i want those anchors aweigh shorts! i'm dying to visit annapolis! i've never been and it's on my short list of places to visit!

  9. Everything is so cute. I just saw that the Anchor Lilly sandals were on sale and I thought I of you. Glad you got them!!

  10. Hey.. I live in annapolis. I frequent all of those places!

    I'm going to add you to my blogroll and start reading.

  11. Hi, I've been reading your blog and a few others for a few months now and finally decided to start one of my own! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say hello! I went to college in Washington DC too-GW. I hope it's ok that I added you to my blog roll :)


  12. Next time you come let me know I'll meet you for lunch or something!!!!

  13. I left you a surprise on my blog!:)
    Great little treasures you found!

  14. Hi there:

    Thanks for the free publicity for Annapolis. We need plenty of people to come and visit and shop and eat in restaurants, and shop more...and then go home. Puhleeze! Yes we are a geat desitnation for preppies but we are also a town where pople live and work. I'd sure love it if you could direct a few folks to the blog I publish about real people and real issues in Annapolis--it's not just all cute stores! I'll let my readers know about your posting about 'Naptown.
    www.annapoliscapitalpunishment.blogspot.com Thanks

  15. The door knocker & door bell is soooo cute. Love it all. You find the greatest items.

  16. What a fun day full of fabulous nautical shopping!

  17. Miss Kate, the Princess is simply staggered at the number of things you find with anchors on them. It is amazing!

    We are in love with the picture frame *and* the Lilly sandals, to mention only a few items.

    You are such a star, you can give us lessons on how your antennae find all the treasures!!

  18. How awesome, I have always wanted to visit Annapolis. Great buys =)

  19. i grew up near annapolis and its one of my favorite places to visit. the next time you go, you should definitely check out paradigm- really cute clothes. also go to the state house to see the state silver. it is really amazing.

  20. I love Annapolis, and especially The Pink Crab. Glad you had a nice day there. Best, Becs

  21. Congrats on your sandal find!

    The picture frame is fab!

  22. did you have a great time? I love seeing pictures from other people of Annapolis! Even though I see a lot of it every day it's still cool!


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