Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Only in LA

While I try not to use this phrase (there is a lot more to LA), it had to be said when my sister forwarded this article to me:
Ashton Kutcher is now assistant coaching a high school football team! It really isn't that surprising. My neighbor went to this school and his classmates included a Washington (as in Denzel) and a Spielberg (as in Steven). Can you imagine seeing Ashton at your school everyday??


  1. I'd like to see Ashton everyday...


  2. I predict that Harvard-Westlake's football attendance will increase exponentially... :-)

  3. That is crazy. I wonder why he's coaching?

    On another note, I left you a response on my blog. You have to watch Fringe. It's freaky/creepy, but our favorite Pace is looking all kinds of hot!!!!!!! :)

  4. HAH. Too funny. Doesn't surprise me though. Seems when you live here long enough, nothing surprises you anymore! ;)

  5. I wonder if he has like an office and everything. I think its kinda cool that he wants to give back

  6. You know, there really are reasons that line was initially started (by whom we'll never know), and it continues to be such a fabulous phrase, for reasons just like the ones mentioned in your post.

    And there are *a lot* of "Only in L.A.s" that have been great, just classic.

    Cool post!

  7. That is so funny! You're more informed than Perez! LOL!

  8. So random that that's where he's coaching, isn't it?

    Crossroads was the first school that came to mind for me. Something arty and not as academic. I hope that makes sense.

    Sometimes, all that's left to say is "only in la". :)


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