Monday, September 29, 2008


1. My One Tree Hill season 4 dvds came in the mail today (along with a Dawson's Creek mix thanks to my great friend in Texas). Since my sister (aka my roommate) is gone this week I have plenty of time to watch :) I think I may be able to finish seasons 4 and 5 by winter break. Then I can watch the beginning of season 6 during the winter hiatus and then start at the current episodes in the spring. YAY!
2. I have not forgotten about my promise of a giveaway(s) (Yes there may be more than one coming up!).
3. No more (major) shopping for awhile. I will still post my wants and tips so that you readers can shop though.
4. My internship has been pushed back another week. Oh the federal government. Always so organized ;) At least I can get in some more babysitting (aka MONEY) before I start
5. I kinda forgot how soon my birthday is approaching! (FYI it is next week)

PS- Was anyone else annoyed with Serena's runway walk? Was she trying to be cheesy? I hate when girls pout like that. I did like the color of her dress though.


  1. I was so jealous of her dress! I wanted a dress that color for my senior prom with matching shoes, but alas I could not find one!

  2. I am sorry your internship got pushed back again. You seem so excited!

    Yay for your upcoming birthday. Are you doing anything special?

  3. I was totally annoyed with her walk, or actually the fact that she was posing forever at the end of the runway..but all in all good episode!

  4. My roommate were laughing our asses off by how long she was posing and making faces... but I suppose we don't watch GG for the reality of it all.

    Right now I am loving the idea of a Blair/Jenny power couple.

  5. omigod, i can't believe serena. i mean, she used to be this really sweet and nice character and now she's turning into a bigger bitch than blair. eww

  6. Grrr... I had to miss last night's Gossip Girl, I'm so sad...

  7. I was annoyed by Serena. She looked stupid on the catwalk and she looked stupid posing in front of the limo!!!!

  8. I was SO annoyed at Serena, like I always am!


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