Monday, September 8, 2008

My sister just bought this adorable beach tote and towel set as a wedding gift for a friend. How cute it this? Mr. and Mrs. towels that come in a tote that says "Just Married" (with little pink flips flops on it!). The towels also come in Mr and Mr and Mrs and Mrs so the perfect gift for any couple! You can also buy the towels and bag separately if you don't want the set.

This site, Weddingish, has tons of cute ideas for newlyweds and brides to be.

Enter coupon code "summersplash" for free shipping on orders over $25


  1. So cute! I should get that for my sister.

  2. We received that as a bridal shower gift for our honeymoon, and it was very much appreciated! The nice thing is that you can use the towels way past the honeymoon! They don't say anything obvious like "honeymooners" or "newlyweds."

    They are of great quality as well :)

  3. it's cute! it's amazing the stuff they have out there now, so much more than when i got married - and we are only talking 8 years ago! HA! HA!

  4. I loved getting stuff like this when I was engaged!!


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