Friday, September 19, 2008

In one month I will be in LAS VEGAS seeing JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!

(I took this photo last fall when I saw JT)

I originally wasn't going to go but long story short, my dad got tickets to Bette Midler for my neighbor as a thank you for that same weekend. So if my fam is already going to be there then I might as well come too :) What are we thanking my neighbor for?? Well, this summer I was bitten by a friend's dog. As a fellow dog owner and dog lover I was definitely very upset! I got bitten on my upper thigh and stomach. My neighbor is a plastic surgeon (I know, so LA) and she looked at my bites for me. Well I needed stitches! Instead of going to the hospital, my neighbor stitched me up right in my own kitchen. So my dad got Dr. R tickets to see Bette as a thank you. I don't really have an interest in seeing her but JT is playing the night before!

We are off to do our sightseeing today. If you see some preppy looking "tourists" that's probably us! ;) Have a great weekend all! The giveaway will be posted next week!


  1. you go to vegas a lot! so jealous!!!

    have fun sight seeing. i imagine the weather is perfect!

  2. Isn't JT just so beautiful. Love him!! I love Ceasars, we just stayed there in June...Have fun!!

  3. My husband would be so jealous. He has a major man-crush on JT. (he'd die if he knew I told anyone that!) It's funny, though, because he's such a metal head. Not a "pop" kinda guy at all. Have a great time!

  4. I am more jealous of the Bette Midler concert! I love her!! But JT is a pretty good perfomer

  5. Good god. What ferile animal chewed on you like that?! A little socializing and training could've helped that pooch I do believe. Anyway, I'm glad your neighbor was able to sew you up good as new. Plastic surgeons do wonders with scar minimizing stitching. I had a seven inch by one inch gash in my thigh that left a scar about as big - but got it reduced by a p.s. it's now about half a centimeter wide and 4 inches long. NICE.

    Back to the point of the post - IM SO JEALOUS!!! Justin Timberlake's music has far and away THE. BEST. BEATS. Seriously. Have So much funn!!!

  6. Vegas. Fabulous.

    And can I give you my
    number so you can slip
    Mr. Timberlake my digits?


  7. Fun! :)

    Thank you in advance for posting about the fundraiser. You are very sweet!

    It ends Monday so hopefully we can get the word out!

  8. How fun!! SO jealous. I think my N SYNC concert total was up to 12 at one point but I've never seen solo JT!

  9. My mom is good friends with one of his aunts! But his name never comes up. (dang, I wish I had more scoop on him for you--ha!)

  10. We are absolutely dying over the "stitched me up right in my own kitchen" part of the post. We do feel badly about the bite, that had to be a major ouch, but were stunned by the location of said stitching!

    Grins & Giggles,

  11. I llllllllllooooooooove me some JT! I saw him in a restaurant a few months ago and he is HOT. Hot I tell you! And tall!


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