Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday wish list

1. Carrie and Tuck notetote

2. Hand painted lap desk

3. Pink elephant keychain

4. Pencil Case

5. Juicy Couture bracelet
6. Anchor ring

7. Nautical bookends

8. Vineyard Vines anchor sweater

9. Overnight duffel

10. Pillows

Happy Friday everyone!! Don't forget to comment on the post below to enter my giveaway.
Hints about two of the surprises: There is something from Vera Bradley and something with preppy animals!

ETA: Anonymous-click on the word "pillows" and it should take you to the site. However, the pillow is sold out! (And super expensive which is why I added it to my "wish" list!)


  1. love the duffel bag and anchor ring! great choices!

  2. The selections are terrific!

    Do you know where this pillow is available to purchase? I love it!

  3. Love your list! I especially love the duffel bag!

  4. Cute as always, I especially love the bookends and the VV sweater!

  5. Oh the carry tote is great-I so want it. Hey the pillow is great-but I bet you could stitch that up in a heart beat for a fraction of the cost.

  6. Great choices! Love the key chian and VV sweater!

  7. Those bookends are awesome! I love bookends that look like they go through the books. :-)

  8. Those pillows are so, so cute! I same a keychain that is similar to yours and love it. Also, the Carrie and Tuck is a must!!

  9. Oh Miss Kate,

    What a wonderful selection of goodies! The VV sweater with the anchor is a must. An absolutel must. If it doesn't appear in a timely fashion, let's do a Bake Sale!

    We bake, you sell. You know, head over to some corner in Georgetown with a tray of cookies and stand out there during rush hour with a sign "WILL SWAP COOKIES FOR SWEATER."

    Goodly idea?

  10. Wow. I love the bookends! They look great. :)

  11. What a great wish list!!!! Love that VV sweater!!!

  12. Love all your choices ! I would give you the sweater and key chain. I would love for myself the Carrie and Tuck notebook, perfect for school! How nice to give something away for your birthday! Best, Becs

    p.s what is the buzz in DC about the debates?

  13. Cute stuff! Dang, why'd I have to see that sweater!

  14. Oh I love the duffel bag!

  15. i love that duffel bag! where is it from?

  16. Great list! I especially love the throw pillow.

    You inspired me, so I'm holding a blog makeover giveaway! :)

  17. I just love all of this stuff. Are you a D.G.? I grew up around nautical stuff as this was my father's business, so I had an anchor pendant long before college. I have to admit, they almost swayed me with all the sailor hats and anchors! :)

  18. Those bookends are
    so funnn! I wouldn't
    mind getting my
    hands on them!
    Mmm. Not one bit.

    Hope you get everything
    you're wishing for!

  19. Awesome picks!

    The bookends are quite creative, and I adore the sweater- too cute!

  20. I absolutely love the anchor ring! So cute!

  21. I am IN LOVE with that VVines sweater!!


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