Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Young Hollywood Awards: What Should I Wear?!

I was invited to the 14th annual Young Hollywood Awards, taking place this Thursday night! I will be attending with some other local fashion bloggers. I will be live tweeting during the event and sharing what your favorite young stars are doing this summer. Standing on the red carpet will be #MyBingMoment! I absolutely LOVE my dress and I will feel like a star on the red carpet! The other bloggers and stars will also be sharing their #mybingmoment on twitter during the award show. I want my readers to tweet their #mybingmoment of Summer 2012! Are you traveling somewhere new? Graduating high school or college? Getting married?
Big or small let's hear what #mybingmoment will make
Summer 2012 unforgettable!

Make sure to post your #MyBingMoment on twitter on Thursday night. I will retweet you live from the event!

Now here are the dresses I was looking at (some I tried on in person and couldn't find online). I already bought a dress but you'll have to wait until Thursday night to see which one I chose!

Aqua Firework print dress

Edith A. Miller striped mini dress

Tibi Pyramid Embroidery Sleeveless Dress

From Cusp:

Amanda Uprichard Sleeveless Tie Front Dress

Parker Dress - Cami Style with Geometric Sequins

So which dress do you think I chose?!

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Please note: This is NOT a compensated post. Everything expressed is personal opinion only. I am promoting the event as an invited guest only


  1. The Parker Dress! That's the one I'd choose.

    Have fun! That sounds like a blast!

  2. That is SOOO neat! Good luck on Thursday night. I'm hoping you chose the Tibi one. Love it!

  3. I have no idea which one you chose, but I really like the Tibi and Parker dresses so hopefully one of those!

  4. I really like the Amanda Uprichard dress. I love royal blue and it looks really flattering.

  5. I have an idea of which one you'll be wearing ;)

    Ooh I am stealing your re-tweet idea. Hope that's OK!

  6. love the parker dress! so cute!


  7. That is so neat! Have the best time, I hope you chose the Parker dress, I love it ( i actually love them all :) )

  8. Ooh, love the Tibi one! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. :)

  9. Posts like this which are so obviously compensated are complete sellouts. I will not be following your blog any more. It used to be great, but this post with the hash-tagging is way too much.

  10. SBCVandy- I was NOT compensated to write this post! I am not receiving any compensation for writing this OR attending. I am an invited guest and wanted to promote the event.

  11. So exciting! Hooray for you:) I love the bright blue dress, but all will be adorable on you. Also, post whatever you want, sponsored or not, and I'll keep reading. I don't mind at all when people throw a sponsored post in here and there, why not make a little bit of money off your blog if you want to. I know this post isn't sponsored, but do what you'd like and I'll still love you :)

  12. Cool! I think you should wear the Amanda Uprichard dress. It's such a pretty color!


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