Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy October

I meant to post this on October 1 but I forgot so October 3 it is. October is my favorite month for many reasons. My birthday is on Tuesday (!) and growing up we had our elementary school fall festival one weekend in October (a big, themed three day event with rides, games, fun food, etc). I think I looked forward to the fall festival more than my birthday (and some years they were the same weekend)! This year my elementary school is under construction so they are doing a modified version and I don't think I'll be going. It's just not the same without the ferris wheel!

Friday night I am having a family birthday dinner at my sister's house. She's making my favorite pasta, the Barefoot Contessa Five Cheese Penne. Saturday night I am trying speed dating with a friend. Any of my readers try speed dating before? I've heard it's pretty hit or miss. I'm sure it will be entertaining at the very least!

Sunday is my mom's neighborhood block party. Even though I don't live there anymore it's the house I grew up in and I love seeing the kids I babysat in high school. This year the theme is Alice in Wonderland (insert the street name instead of wonder). They go all out with the decorations and I heard they will be turning my mom's garage into a theater to show the movie.

On my actual birthday H is playing hookie (from preschool ;) and we are heading to the zoo. We went last year and it's fun to explore and treat ourselves to a birthday churro

The rest of October is equally as busy. I'll be helping my mom with Baby Nautical while my sister and brother in law head to Hawaii for babymoon take 2. Then my friend Amanda will be staying with me while she visits from Australia. We are seeing Evita and hopefully making at least one trip to Disneyland!


  1. I hope you have a great birthday and family birthday dinner :)!


  2. My favorite month too! Avery and I have our birthdays this week too! Happy early birthday!

  3. Happy October, and Birthday to you!!!

    - Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  4. A ferris wheel at your school fall festival? We just had cake walks and fishing games in the gym. Haha! Sounds like such a busy and fun month! I hope you had a great birthday!


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