Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Bedding

I bought myself new bedding for my birthday. I had been waiting for cooler weather to bring out my comforter (during warmer months I use my Lilly quilt). The new bedding just arrived and I can't wait to wash it and start using it! I will still use the bedding I currently have sometimes (see photos here and here) but I wanted something a bit more grown up. Both the sheets and duvet cover are actually from Pottery Barn Teen (ha). I've always had a comforter because I HATE dealing with duvet covers but I finally caved and got one. I have to deal with two duvet covers at work so I am slowly getting better at putting them back on.

I am curious: do you switch over bedding when the weather gets cooler?

Here is what my bedding will (hopefully) look like together. I used the Design Your Own Bed tool: peyton sheet set in royal navy (of course now on sale AFTER I ordered) and suite organic duvet cover in royal navy. I thought about getting the duvet cover monogrammed (just $7 to have PB Teen do it for you!). Instead I may get monogrammed pillow cases.

I am also obsessed with the new Emily and Meritt collection for PB Teen (the gold polka dot bedding!):

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  1. Great bedding choices. Navy & white is so crisp. I get so many good ideas from you.

  2. Love that bedding!

  3. I love the combination! Aren't they so soft?!:)
    xo Tia

  4. Nothing beats new bedding! I have known a lot of ppl to get their bedding from PB teen! Super Super Cute! Happy Belated birthday!

  5. The sheet set is certainly not too teen-y to me! It certainly looks classic and functional and I think maybe monogramming the pillowcases is a great way to get some personalization in there.

    We use a summer-weight duvet with Egyptian cotton sheets in the summer, and then switch over to a winter-weight duvet and either flannel or Egyptian cotton sheets in the winter. I always keep a folded up down comforter on my side at my feet in case I need more warmth! (But this is central VA, not CA)


  6. Beautiful bedding!


  7. that bedding is on my wish list too! i LOVE that they show it with polka dot sheets - but i realized when i went to buy them that they only come in black! i swear the photo they show has navy! boo. i like the pattern u came up with too!

  8. That is such a cute set! We don't switch our bedding because it doesn't really get that hot here in the summer, but I think it's a great idea. I might do it just for fun!


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