Monday, October 28, 2013

Nautical Halloween Costume Ideas

My readers have sent me some very creative nautical Halloween costume ideas over the years and I have loved featuring them as part of Nautical Outfit of the Week. Don't forget to send me a photo of your nautical costume and you can be featured too!

Here are some ideas for your Halloween:

Caroline and her boyfriend. She was a lobster in a pot and he was a game of battleship!

Charlotte and her boyfriend. Charlotte was a sailor and her boyfriend was a macho sailor/Popeye with huge fake muscles that had an anchor and mermaid tattoo!

Sydney (from Sunshine in the City), Anthony, and Blair (the lobster) at the Park Slope Halloween Parade:

Michele as a navy girl:

Whitney dressed her dog Oscar as a sailor:

And here is another idea I found:
Catch of the Day


  1. Great costumes, the little baby as a lobster is adorable.

  2. Love the "Lobstahs" - 2 legged & 4 legged furry ones!!!

  3. I really like the second costume idea!


  4. The girl lobster in a pot is clever. Love the baby in the pot, too! My youngest was an octopus when he was 7 months old. :-)

  5. OMG that kid in the lobster pot is killing me!!!

  6. Love the lobster in the pot. SO cute!!!

  7. Cute ideas!

  8. These are all too cute!! My boyfriend's sister and brother-in-law dressed their 4-month-old up as a lobster and then went as a fisherman and her cook. Too cute :-P

  9. These are too funny, especially the catch of the day!!

  10. Love all of these ideas- so fun!!

  11. These are so great! Maybe I can figure out a way to do a nautical family costume next year.


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