Friday, October 18, 2013

Organizing: Kid Closet

I thought I would share how I organize H's closet. My employers are happy to have me organize and I love to do it so it's a win win! In their previous house the closet was tiny so I got the hanging thing and added a second bar (I got one for my dorm closet in college and think they are essential for closets that don't come with a second bar). Both worked so well that they made the move too (back in 2010). Eventually I think they will use the hanging thing for outfit planning (each spot will hold an outfit so school mornings go smoothly).

Almost all of the top rack (sweaters, shirts, etc) are from last year. Since H has a February birthday and is quite tall he could wear 3T last fall/winter AND again this year.  Some things are definitely getting short (from long sleeves last year to three quarter length this year ;) but living in LA it's really not worth spending money on cold weather clothing every year!

View when you open the doors (had to cut off the very top shelf)

Very top shelf has: clothes that are too small and various baby items I need to put in the garage

 Middle shelf has three bins: Blankets, Hats, Bedding (grey thing between blankets and hats is last year's elephant costume)

Closeup of the labels (see how I made these labels and ones for my apartment in this post); the black things are the removable should pads from his football jerseys

from left to right: some of mom's clothes (ha), rain jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts; button down shirts, polo shirts, football/baseball jerseys (orange thing is his Halloween costume)

Hard to see but I did add dividers ("outerwear" and "shirts")

Shorts and pants

Shoe bin

top to bottom: washcloths, out of season pajamas (for the rare cold night during summer or warm night during winter), swim suits/swim shirts, random (tank tops, some boxers/sleep shorts, whatever else I find that doesn't fit somewhere else), heavier blankets (for travel, playtime, etc), baseball hats (I like to have some hats at H's level so he can grab and go)

4T-5T clothes (too big for right now), rain boots

Pool/beach bag (still doing weekly swim lessons so this has a change of clothes, towel, plastic bag, goggles, etc)

His dresser holds: sweatpants and sweat shorts, socks, underwear, pajamas, and t shirts

The hanging thing is the 6 compartment mesh hanging sweater bag from the Container Store
The bar is an older version of this Container Store double hang closet rod

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  1. I love organizing closets! So many great tips in here!

  2. Those hanging sweater organizers are perfect for kids clothes. I found one with some smaller 'shelves' at Target - great for baby clothes!

  3. I love how organized this closet is!


  4. Replies
    1. Yep! Thankfully he's a little too young to see Gravity. Seeing that may change his mind

  5. Adding all of the labeled baskets & tubs is such a smart idea! I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter!


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