Friday, February 7, 2014

My Valentine's Day Decorations

Come on in!
heart wreath on my front door

Heart placemats

Felt garland from Target dollar bins
I can't believe I broke my little sailboat. I taped it back together until I can glue it

whale you be mine?

Last year I put red lights below my counter but I haven't decided if I'm going to put them up again

2013 decorations one and two | 2012 (came home to an eviction notice :( | 2010 (spent in New York!) | 2009 girls' night (DC apartment decorations 1 and 2) | 2008 (Australia!)


  1. i need a heart wreath! and that garland from the dollar spot! looks great!

    1. They had a bunch of cute ones again in the dollar spot!

  2. Ahhhh we have the same placemats! I loved decorating my place for Valentines. Your style is lovely x

  3. These are so cute! It's never even occurred to me to decorate for Valentine's Day, but now I'm thinking "why not?!"

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

    1. Definitely my favorite holiday to decorate for!

  4. Your V day decorations are so fun! I am loving your heart wreath! I totally slacked this year and did not decorate which is very unlike me.


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