Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Part 2

And then we have the whole Target collection including:


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Your new header is freakin' adorable!


  2. Such cute stuff! Thanks for giving us a tour of all your Valentine's decor.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Everything is adorable! :)

  4. I have that same beaded heart! Very cute deco!
    Happy V-day!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! (Um, for some reason you were in my dream last night... I was on a plane and you were sitting next to me and I was so excited because you were Kate from Nautical by Nature. It was TOTALLY bizarre... Just FYI. I think maybe I need to lay off the blogger for a bit! haha)

  6. so cute! I especially love the mug! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Love it all!

    I am going to target today to see if I can get any of the cute valentines stuff..I kinda want to keep it out all year!

    also, who makes your white lamp?


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