Monday, February 16, 2009

15% off Kiel James Patrick!

How exciting is this? My readers are getting 15% off any order at Kiel James Patrick! When you checkout use coupon code: Nautical09 (expires 2/28) Plus shipping is always FREE!

I wrote about my favorite bracelets here.

The updated website now has Nautical key fobs,

polo shirts,

(pink polo with elephants!)

and pocket tees

(sailboats on the pocket!)

My new favorite bracelets:
Pink shells



  1. I was JUST looking for a new keyfob!!

  2. love this stuff. I think I NEED a new key fob and bracelet :)

  3. Kate, your amazing! And I can actually buy myself something, yay for weekends spent at work!

  4. So cute! Argh, but I need to stop shopping!

  5. i really like those bracelets, but i think i am a little too old for them. i will have to admire them on your wrist!

  6. I am so in need of a new key fob and have been looking for the last few weeks. I think I have found my answer.

  7. Thanks so much for offering to help with my cover letter, any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated! By the way, I left you a little something on my blog.

  8. Those key fobs are so adorable! By the way, does Kiel James Patrick sell that seersucker skirt and polka dot skirt those models are wearing on the website? I didn't see them for sale but I LOVE them.


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