Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's isn't over yet

This past weekend I was talking to my friend C about our favorite TV couples. Is it a coincidence that all my friends are Pacey and Ben (as opposed to Dawson and Noel) fans?? I thought it would be fun to post our favorite (and least favorite) TV couples.

Dawson or Pacey? (Dawson's Creek)
Ben or Noel? (Felicity)
Is Kate destined to be with Sawyer or Jack? (Lost)
Brooke or Peyton? (One Tree Hill)
Did Kelly steal Dylan from Brenda? (90210)
Did you actually like Rachel and Joey together? (Friends)
And of course: Aidan or Mr. Big? (Sex and the City).
ETA: What about Gossip Girl? So many couple combinations!

Comment away with your favorites (feel free to include couples I didn't post too)!


  1. Definitely PACEY! Dawson was such a wimp. And score one for Aidan!

  2. The only shows I watch(ed) are LOST and SATC, and I have to go with Sawyer and Aiden, which is funny because they are kind of opposite characters. I guess I like long hair?

  3. Dylan and Kelly forever!!
    I used to love me some Aidan but I have switched to Mr. Big ever since he went and got her from Paris!! I just saw that episode the other day when he was in the coffee shop with the other 3 women and Miranda said to him "Go get our gir" and I literally got chills!

  4. I would say Kate & Jack but I only watched Lost with my ex. I am actually a big Chuck fan (super nerd I know) so I really like Chuck and Sarah. I don't really get to watch much TV other than that. If I think of something better I will definitely let you know.

  5. Oh! I thought of another one! Zack and Kelly! Swoon! I love Saved by the Bell!

  6. Ummm...

    Dawson or Pacey? (Dawson's Creek) PACEY

    Ben or Noel? (Felicity)
    I never watched that show!

    Is Kate destined to be with Sawyer or Jack? (Lost)

    Brooke or Peyton? (One Tree Hill)
    See my answer for Felicity.

    Did Kelly steal Dylan from Brenda? (90210)

    Did you actually like Rachel and Joey together? (Friends)

    And of course: Aidan or Mr. Big? (Sex and the City).


  7. Pacey was absolutely my favorite, along with Brooke and Lucas, Kelly & Dylan (Brenda was way too whiny, and Aidan-he was so cute and sweet, although I totally understood Carrie's attraction to Mr. Big!

  8. i still love pacey. aka joshua jackson. i saw him once in la, and it took the majority of my self-restraint not to run up to him and freak out.

    and i think kate should be with sawyer! i love jack, but sawyer LOVES her, loves her.

  9. So the only show I watch is gossip girl so i'm going to have to root for Chuck and Blair!! I HATE Serena and Dan, so glad they are donezo!

  10. Definitely Kate & Sawyer!

    And Aidan was not right for Carrie, but he was definitely the best catch.

  11. How fun!

    Peyton for sure! (I know we disagree on this one)
    I actually like Kelly with Brandon to be honest.
    I did like Rachel and Joey together.
    I loved Aidan, but I think Mr. Big was better for Carrie.
    I also like Chuck and Blair, and I like Rufus and Lily too.
    I also agree about Kelly and Zack - I'm so glad they had the Saved By the Bell wedding!

    How about Grey's? Definitely Derek and Meredith - I can't believe the Private Practice people keep pushing Addison and Derek back together. They are divorced- move on!

  12. DEFINITELY Jack & Kate; Dylan & Kelly; Brooke in general, but Payton with Lucas; Mr. Big and I did NOT like Rachel & Joey together. As far as Gossip Girl, there are definitely too many combos... so I'll go with Nate Archibald and myself! haha:)

  13. Kelly & Zach - saved by the bell!!

    And I hope it's Sawyer. Damn if that man is not yummy!

  14. P-A-C-E-Y

    oh man, I had forgotten how much I hearted them back in the day...

  15. Kate has to tame Sawyer in Lost - what a fox!

  16. BIG!!!!!!

    And any and every couple that ever "was" on Saved by the Bell


  17. I'm still kind of upset about the 90210 love triangle. I loved Dylan with Brenda, and would have loved to see where that went.

    Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda :)


  18. I'm still kind of upset about the 90210 love triangle. I loved Dylan with Brenda, and would have loved to see where that went.

    Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda :)


  19. #1..Definately Dawson!
    #2..Definately Noel!
    #3..didn't watch!
    #4..I LOVE Brooke...not a fan of Peyton's!!
    #6..I did like (not love) Rachel and Joey together!
    #7..Absolutely MR. Big....He makes my heart throb!!!!!!!!!

    One more I thought of....Definately Meredith over Addison with Derek on Greys!!!!!

    Very fun post!!!!!!

  20. Pacey
    Not my show
    Meh... kinda
    Mr. Big
    Chuck and Blair!!

  21. Brooke and Chase. (Although I like Julian a lot but I love Stephen from Laguna!) Blair and Chuck. And of course Pacey and Joey!

  22. Pacey. Dawson was such a loser.


    Did you actually like Rachel and Joey together? I actually did like them together but she had to end up with ross.
    I really cant choose between Aidan and Mr. Big!
    Gossip girl I love chuck and blair and hate hate hate dan and serena!

    My fav couple Abby and Carter on ER.

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  24. How fun!

    Looks like I'm in the minority but definitely DAWSON!
    As for LOST, I've got to go with Sawyer for Kate but I'll take Jack :0).

  25. Oh fun!

    -Well...definitely Pacey. Dawson...ugh. I always wanted to
    throw shoes at him. He was such a baby.
    -I LOVE Brooke...because she rocks. But I also LOVE Peyton-because well, her and Lucas just click. And I love Brooke and Peyton's friendship. So I'm torn.
    -Yes! Yes Kelly stole Dylan from Brenda-and I'll never get over it. I was more of a Kelly and Brandon fan...and I never really will get over the fact that Kelly and Dylan ended up together. I thought Dylan and Brenda were actually very cute with one another. I dunno.
    -HATED Rachael and Joey together. Ew. That was simply the worst. It was just weird. And some of my least fave episodes.
    -I heart Aiden-because how can you not? He was clearly perfect. And the better choice for Carrie. BUT...I was a Mr. Big fan through and through. In my heart-that is who I wanted her with. Because they just made the most sense.
    -And Serena and Dan. I love them. Because I love them both-and they are for real life in love. Ha.

    I friggin' love TV. Pretty ridiculous.

  26. And OH! Definitely Ben. I love his looks. And sighh...Felicity and Ben? Adorbs! She followed him to college...true romance.

  27. Dawson or Pacey? Pacey

    Ben or Noel? Noel

    Is Kate destined to be with Sawyer or Jack? Sawyer! Actually, I am destined to be with Sawyer...

    Aidan or Mr. Big? Mr. Big

  28. I loved Aiden, I HATE Mr.Big he reminds me too much of my ex! Oh and I LOVE Chuck and Blair on GG!

  29. GREAT Post! I think it's amazing how we always choose the somewhat "bad guy/girl" choice and the good guy always ends up on the sidelines.
    Here are my choices:
    - Pacey
    - Ben
    - Don't watch Lost
    - Brooke
    - Kelly def. stole Dylan but made much more sense
    - Ew no - Ross and Rachel = love
    - Mr. Big

    Another favorite TV couple is Rory and Jess (Gilmore Girls)

  30. Oh my gosh, I LOVED Noel. I hated how "Felicity" ended, I so wanted them together. My friends and I were all Noel and Felicity fans!

  31. I always loved Aidan and Carrie together. Mr. Big was such an ass to her.

    I don't think Kelly stole Dylan from Brenda. Clearly, he was just not that into Brenda and would've left her for someone.

    No on Joey and Rachel. Too weird.

    Fun post!!!

  32. Pacey, Ben, Sawyer and AIDAN! (ughh Mr. Big annoys me). I dont watch the others but I used to be addicted to Buffy when I was in high school.... sooo: Riley or Angel? I say Angel since I love David Boreanez - I watch BONES on Fox just because he's on it.

  33. 1. pacey
    2. ben (yummy!!!)
    3. jack (would love to know what you think here)
    4. (don't watch one tree hill)
    5. kelly totally stole dylan from brenda (would love to know what you think)
    6. no on rachel and joey
    7. aidan
    8. love serena and dan-- well, i love dan

  34. and i want to point out that brenda went to france and that's when dylan strayed. he would have hooked up with anyone. he and kelly fought ALL THE TIME and kelly was always jealous. i will always be a brenda fan! i did like kelly and brandon together though.

  35. I love Blair and Chuck....irrational and crazy, but romantic nonetheless

  36. The only show out of those that I actually watched is Friends (my favorite until the Office came along) and I really hated Rachel and Joey together. I still have no idea why they threw in that whole storyline... this is a fun game though!

  37. Wow, I have these conversations with my friends too (I thought we were the only ones talking about long dead TV shows....)
    Pacey (Dawson's Creek)
    Brooke (One Tree Hill)
    It had to be Ross, Joey is a sweetie
    I'm all about Mr Big for Carrie, Aidan drove me insane....
    Ones you forgot
    I am a Logan and Jess fan on Gilmore Girls
    On the West Wing (I'm a politics junkie) I LOVED Josh and Donna...

    <3 the post!

  38. Can I just say my favorite SATC guys has been and will always be Harry - love him!

  39. About Gossip Girl, where are the new episodes?! I am so impatient!! Anyway, my fav couple from GG would have to be Chuck and Blair. I HATE Nate and Vanessa being together! ew!!

  40. Sawyer is perfect for Kate. She brings out his soft side and can also keep her under control. Plus he's totally hot and I love him. So wait... I'm changing my answer. Sawyer is perfect for Lisagh.

    As far as the Aidan/Big question, I think Aidan (as well as John Corbett for that matter) is the perfect man. Hands down.

    If things don't work out between Sawyer and I, I'll give Aidan a call.

    Right after I go to my Delusional Therapy session.

  41. I DID like Joey and Rachel together. Ross is so annoying...he didn't deserve Rachel. I am a hardcore Friends fan! Also, I can't decide if I would want Kate with Jack or Sawyer, they both seem right...maybe they could be combined in one of the explosions?!

  42. Speaking of couples -- when will Gossip Girl be back on?

  43. So I would pick...

    Kate is definitely destined to be with Sawyer,
    Yes Kelly stole Dylan,
    NO- Hated Rachel and Joey, and finally, It's a tie between Big and Aiden. I loved them both! (Buttttt, am leaning toward Big!)

    This was fun! It shows how much of a TV addict I am!

  44. OK...I LOVED Pacey and Ben. However, if Dawson wouldn't have turned into a whiny baby, I think I wouldn't have been anti-Dawson. You know? At the end of Felicity season 1, I could have gone either way, because I really adored Noel. But Felicity was destined to be with Ben. Those two shows are two of the best shows ever!

    I think Kate and Sawyer are destined to be together too. Jack is too "safe" for her.

    I think the Big and Carrie romance was so played out. When Carrie said she was "so over Big she needed a new word for over"...I felt the same way. I was over them as a couple. But I didn't mind the way the movie ended.

    As far as Brooke and Peyton go...I always thought Lucas and Peyton belonged together. But I love Brooke's character.

    I actually didn't mind Rachel and Joey. I HATED the Ross character. My favorite Friends couple was definitely Monica and Chandler.

    I can't really remember my feelings on Kelly vs. Brenda. I loved Dylan and Brenda together, but I loved him with Kelly too.

    I could talk about TV romances for ages! :)

  45. I know that Rachel and Ross had to be together, but I still loved Joey and Rachel together. He was just such a sweetheart to her.

  46. Dawson's Creek - Pacey and Joey

    Felicity - Ben and Felicity

    I don't watch Lost.

    I don't watch One Tree Hill.

    90210 - Dylan and Brenda
    Brandon and Kelly

    Friends - Ross and Rachel

    Sex and the City - Mr. Big and Carrie

    Gilmore Girls - Logan and Rory
    Christopher and Lorelai (I preferred Lorelai and Luke as friends, plus Luke's reverse snob attitude he seemed to have always rubbed me the wrong way.)

    The West Wing - Josh and Mary Louise Parker's character (can't remember her character's name)

    Veronica Mars - Logan and Veronica

    Friday Night Lights - Matt and Julie
    Tim and Tyra (I so am not into Tim and Lyla together.)

    Okay, that's all.

  47. Pacey!! I heart Josh Jackson!!
    Noel Love him too!
    ??- Don't watch Lost

    Very cute post!

  48. SawyerSawyerSawyer...SAWYER. Did I say Sawyer? Lol, I can't wait to see what happens on Lost next week, I think they meet back on the island. Finally.


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