Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another great KATE (Somerville that is)

One thing I hate about winter: dry skin! Until I moved to DC, this wasn't a problem. The last 3 winters I either (A) avoided washing my face as often (bad!) or (B) just used body lotion on my face (even worse!). Enter Kate Somerville. I knew it would be love (hello, all Kates are great!). I tried Kate Somerville's oil free moisturizer the week of Inauguration. What better time to try it then a period when I would be standing in the harsh winter wind for hours? It goes on so smooth (and isn't too thick)! It isn't oily at all, my skin didn't flake, and my skin is softer after just a week of using it!

Just for my favorite readers: enjoy 15% off, plus get free samples as a gift with a Kate Somerville skin care purchase! For two days only, you can shop for the oil free moisturizer and the rest of the Kate Somerville line on Calista Cove. Calista Cove is partnering with LaPapillon spa to bring this special shopping opportunity to my readers! Use checkout code: nautical15 to save 15% off all Kate products (not including shipping) through February 5th. For more details on the rest of the Kate Somerville line and this promo, check out the Life in The Cove blog


  1. YOU have been making it very hard to not spend money.

    Oh, VV did give me the discount when I called :)

  2. Thanks for the info! I'm so sorry I missed the DC meet up. I must have missed the info about where/when we were meeting. :( Oh, time!

  3. You and Miss Muffy Martini are both all over the Kate Somerville. I trust both of your opinions greatly, so I will def. check it out!

  4. Ok...I might have to get some of this. My skin has been so dry this year, it's awful!


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