Thursday, February 26, 2009

R. Nichols SALE!

Check out the sale section at R. Nichols. They are having a $5.10 sale-8 pack of notecards for $5.10!

My favorites:

These would be perfect for Wearing Mascara ;)

They also have a boy version but everything is better in pink!

There are also some really cute Halloween and Christmas ones so stock up now and be done early!


  1. Love those, I'm going to check it out today!

  2. hi Kate! cute note pads. Congrats on the wim over at my flipflopz and also wanted to let you know that the anchor on my site was also from Joann's . Happy shopping.

  3. OH! I just LOVE silhouettes.. They are beautiful and elegant...

    But I love how these are fun and interesting. The colors are great as well :)

    I'm DEFINITELY going to check this out... and pass it along to Soccer Mom.

  4. i wanted to tell you about the adorable anchor shirt that chelsea handler wore on her show tuesday night! if you get the chance, check it out!!

  5. Hi Kate-
    Congrats on winning the sign giveaway! Drop me an email to when you get a chance. Let me know your colors and if you want "Nautical by Nature" as your phrase for sure. Thanks for entering.

    Susie B.

  6. OoOo! Is it weird that I want to buy the baby announcements despite not being pregnant and not planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon?

    I am so jealous you won the sign giveaway!

  7. What a great sale!! Thanks for the tip!!!

  8. He really does some fabulous work, doesn't he? These are an outstanding deal!


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