Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From my closet to yours

I am looking for a new home for my pink and gray North Face jacket (size medium). It has never been worn (I stupidly took the tags off but you have my word). I bought it when I first moved to DC but I am more into my puffy jacket from J.Crew.

Please email me (nauticalbynature@gmail.com) if you are interested!


  1. Can you direct me to how I can get my posts to display at a later date? I've been looking and trying to figure it out, but I must be looking in the wrong spot.....Thanks for your comment. I wasn't aware you could even do this!

  2. Wish I could take it off your hands...but I already have the same one :) Good luck!

  3. I remember when I first bought that exact jacket! I sold mine on ebay too. :/ I actually got good money for it even though it was used - you should try listing it!

  4. Hi Kate- is the jacket still available? Please email me at khamilton626@gmail.com

    PS- LOVE your blog! =)


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