Monday, July 14, 2008

preppy paper swap!

Well, coincidence or fate, I have the same swap partner for the preppy paper swap (Maria)! Here are my answers:

-my favorite colors: Pink!, navy blue, kelly green
-anything I especially love: ANCHORS (anything nautical), close second=elephants. I also love whales and crocodiles/alligators
-how often I entertain and/or types of parties I host: I don't really entertain but I do love sending cards/letters to friends and the children I babysit for. Once I am back in DC for school I may host a dinner party for friends
-my monogram: KJH


  1. Oh, no! I never got a partner and I signed up early last week! Tear, tear! I am going to have to go and look into this sad, sad situation....

  2. Love the new look! :) And, How do you get into a swap??

  3. I was going to sign up for the paper swap and I forgot! I can't wait to see what you get. I love this stuff!

  4. Hey - your blog looks great! Tres Professional!

  5. Love the new look!

  6. I love the idea that the two of you are partners in both swaps. Both of your blogs are on my favorites to read. Cannot wait to see what you got each other...


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