Monday, December 1, 2008

All hail Queen B

This video is the perfect way to start our Gossip Girl Monday

Tonight our favorite upper eastsiders are going to a funeral. I'm trying to stay spoiler free (though I have an idea who might die) so I will post fashion/clothing from tonight's episode later this week

** Carolina Prep, please email me your address for the VV sticker **


  1. I love Queen B. I can't wait to watch the show tonight!!!!!

  2. This will definitely be an interesting episode... I'm so ready for it :)

  3. I have all of november's episodes still sitting in my dvr ready to watch!! I have no idea what's been happening.

  4. Oh, I think I know who it is too! I am so glad it's a new episode!

  5. Great episode tonight. I actually got to see GG on Monday night and not Friday night when I get home. :) Happy, Happy!


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