Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy holidays!

Kim at My Life in Pink and Green tagged me to share 6 random holiday traditions/facts

1. We always have popovers for Christmas brunch (we use a family recipe but I've linked to one that looks similar)

2. Christmas Eve is spent with my dad and stepmom (my parents are divorced). We go to the movies, have dinner and then open presents

3. After we come back from my dad's on Christmas Eve, each of us (me, mom, sister 1 and sister 2) opens a present

4. Christmas morning, I used to be the first one up (now I usually have to be woken up!) and I would go downstairs and divide up all the presents that were under the tree. Each family member has her own "area" and I place her presents there. Then we go in a circle, opening a present one at a time.

5. My mom has always bought us chocolate advent calendars. The tradition is still going strong. She snuck mine in my suitcase when I flew back after Thanksgiving.

6. My dad's side of the family has a big party a couple of days after Christmas. It rotates between the 3 brothers who are all living in California. This year we are going to Newport Beach.

I tag:
Wanderlust-I want to hear how she celebrates in Australia
The Prep-E Girl (who just sent me the nicest thank you card!)
The College Preppy
Beantown Prepster Brand new blogger so check her out!


  1. How fun! We still each have our own area and our own wrapping paper for our gifts, and we go around and open one at a time too! Yay for Christmas! :)

  2. We also open presents one at a time. It's so fun b/c you get to see what everyone is getting.

  3. Newport Beach - aaaah! SOunds so fabulous!!

  4. Hey Kate, I am doing a giveaway this week on my blog, so please stop by when you get a minute:

  5. I love popovers... so great that it's part of your tradition. Sounds positively lovely.

  6. Your blog is soooo cute! I love you keeping me updated on sales!

    Oh, and my fam does the advent calendar too! :) Merry Christmas!

  7. Aren't the chocolate avant calendars the best! My Mom still sends them to my brother and I too!

  8. Those are wonderful traditions! The popover recipe looks really good...thanks! :)

  9. Your mom is too cute for sneaking an advent calendar into your suitcase! Great list of traditions! I'm so jealous of Newport Beach...that sounds fantastic!

  10. my mom still buys my sister and I chocolate advent calendars and we're in our 20's :) gotta love mommas!


  11. Love the popovers... My grandmother makes those and fried apple pies on Christmas morning. It's like a bread overload! Thanks for that tag- I filled in my answers too!


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