Monday, December 15, 2008

Gossip Girl here

No, I did not forget that it is GG Monday (though no episode tonight). After my layover in Vegas, a cold, and one last final due, I am finally getting around to posting. Today's post is a bit scattered but enjoy!

I think we all loved this red Catherine Malandrino dress that Blair wore. It is on sale in sizes 4, 6, and 8.

I stumbled upon this great blog post devoted to our favorite Gossip Girl headbands. Check it out HERE

I also LOVE the coats/jackets/winter outfits in these photos (from an upcoming episode):

I need this pink jacket!

Also Tibi, often featured on GG, is having a sale through Gilt Groupe. Gilt Groupe is a members only sale site-basically every day they have new sales with fabulous designers for AMAZING PRICES! It is invitation only so to get an invite either leave a comment with your email address, email me, or use this LINK


  1. the winter white tights blair wears in the upcoming episode must be added to my closet, like, pronto, asap!!

  2. We have never seen that many pair of brightly colored tights in one photo! The pink ones are too wacky!

    We loved reading your Christmas traditions - thanks for posting them!

  3. Hey Sweetie
    Have a safe trip home, we will miss you here in dc.. now love, I am going to pass on the white tights-- much better hiding my legs under black tights!! xo

  4. Im so said not to have a new GG. Feel better...

  5. Hope you got home safely! I love the pic from the upcoming GG episode.

  6. I need that pink jacket! any idea where it's from?

  7. I adore the Catherine Maladrino dress.

    And methinks that houndstooth coat Blair is wearing in the other photo is a Milly from the fall season? Looks just like the one I've been stalking.

  8. no that is a dress I would LOVE to own!

  9. I love the dress and the black/white jacket. :-) So cute!

    P.S. I need your L.A. address so I can send you your Christmas card. Otherwise it will go to D.C. and you won't get it until you go back. :-( That would be sad!

  10. That dress is gorgeous!! I love seeing all their headbands and tights.

  11. Gossip Girl clothes...

    I am so bummed about
    the Gossip Girl hiatus.


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