Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm a winner and you can be too!

I won a monogrammed towel from The Preppy Pink Whale (made by Preppy Parade)

The Holiday DVD from Danielle,


a necklace from Erica at Jewelry Without Jewels (hosted by Jewish Girl in Wasp's Clothing)

Have I been lucky or what?? To pay it forward I bought 3 raffle tickets from Danielle for Love Without Boundaries (check them out here). Check out Danielle's blog for details on how you can help!

I am also going to pay it forward and host another giveaway this week! I am shopping today so stay tuned tomorrow (Wed) and find out what you could win!


  1. Lucky! The Holiday is such a great movie! :) I love reading your posts!
    I've tagged you in a holiday survey on my page, I hope you haven't already done this one. If you have, I do apologize! ;)

  2. Cute towel. Love that movie!

  3. Love the towel Little Miss Philanthropist :)


  4. WOW! You are on a roll. Why don't you buy lottery tickets for all of us! ;)

  5. Share your secret!!! Send some of that luck my way, pretty please :) hehe.

  6. hey kate! wow, you are quite lucky and you won great stuff! i love that towel, it is so cute and the holiday is a great movie.

    hope all is well.

  7. Woooo to your big sexy
    win! So much fun.

    The Holiday...I heart
    that movie!

  8. I am holding a blog "Christmas Open House"

    Check out my post: Christmas Decorations

    It would be great to have you participate. If you don't want to add your link to Friday's post, be sure to stop by to see all the other decoration posts!

    Merry Christmas!


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