Monday, December 29, 2008

Gossip Girl Monday!

This is going to be a quick post because the internet problem here in casa Nautical has resurfaced once again. How did I spend my vacations pre-internet?? ;)

Fred Flare has expanded their "Team" shirts. You can get Team Blair, Serena, Nate or Chuck shirts for $26
Coupon code: fireplace gets you free shipping on orders over $25 (EXP 12/31)

I also found this top that Blair wore in a November episode. Cynthia Steffe blouse

If I could justify a $100 $78 (thanks Ronda!) top right now, I would so buy that!


  1. That is such a beautiful top...I can't drop $100 on it right now though... :(

  2. You should check out Banana Republic... they have their new spring/summer line in the store right now and it's theme is 100% nautical. All these navy and white stripes and white pants and blouses and skirts. It's cute!

    Yes the items are posted were from Toss, i want them so badly!

  3. Ms. Nautical, thank you for your comment about my beautiful watch. Sorry to be remiss, traveling for the holidays and what not. I love your blog. I spent a summer in DC and will forever hold it dear!

  4. Team Chuck!

    Speaking of GG, check out my blog for an exciting Season 1 DVD factoid :)

  5. Hey i just gave you an award on my blog!

  6. UMMM I tear up EVERYTIME I see the Penny/Desmond scene. SO amazing!

  7. I hate to have internet problems at home. GOOD LUCK. The shirt is so beautiful.

  8. OK, I have a confession. I have only seen 2 episodes of Gossip Girl. But because of blogs like yours I have added the first season to my Netflicks account. I actually got DVD 1 yesterday and am going to start watching =) I can't want to drool over their clothes.


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