Monday, June 6, 2011

hickity pickity etsy store

I randomly found this ADORABLE Etsy store, Hickity Pickity. You must check it out! Most of the items are for babies and kids but there are some cute tea towels and tops for women too!

Anchor tea towel (with Lilly Pulitzer fabric):

Rompers available in sizes 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months:
Applique Anchor Romper (with Lilly Pulitzer fabric):

Applique Anchor Romper (with Lilly P fabric):

Applique Anchor Romper:

Applique Boat Romper:

Whale tea towel (in blue or pink with Lilly P fabrics):

Ladies anchor tank:


  1. Yes, love her stuff! I bought two Christmas stockings made with Lilly fabric a little over a year ago...beautiful work!

  2. So cute and you must love with the anchor motif throughout! Thanks for sharing -

    Happy Monday!


  3. This store has already been one of my favorites for a while now along with those ADORABLE!!!! dish towels.

  4. Another place to add to the Etsy list :)

  5. Those onesies are just too precious! I totally want that tea towel now, too.

  6. Too cute! I love finding random new sites!

  7. I love those tea towels - they're so cute! Thanks for sharing.


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