Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reusable bags: my collection!

Anchor (from Barnes and Noble):

Junior totes (I have the elephant one and I gave the cupcake one to Sweet Tea Diaries):

Lilly Pulitzer:


I heart water whale tote:

Ballard Designs anchor tote:


  1. I have the navy anchor tote from F21!

  2. LOL, I am such a bag ho! Yours are cute!!

    I had to TURN AN WALK AWAY from the ones at B&N last week:p

    Then, my mom swings by.....she wanted to drop off a jute tote she picked me up, haha!

  3. Good for you recycling --- and in style!


  4. Now that this one is on sale at Macy's, I'm going to have to get it! http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=540355&CategoryID=54522 I'm normally not a fan of sequins, but with the polka dots, I can't resist. I spotted it from across the store a month or two ago & it literally stopped me in my tracks. :)

    PS - have you seen this Lilly dress yet? http://www.lillypulitzer.com/view-all/addie-dress/invt/96733/

  5. All so adorable! Especially loving the Barnes and Noble and Lilly picks!

  6. I just got the anchor tote from Barnes & Noble! I filled it with all my beach must haves and it's waiting to go (in 2 weeks)!

  7. Tiffany-love that bag! Will add it to my next reader submission post.

    Yes, Lilly has gone nautical! I also saw an anchor dress and quite a few nautical shorts and skirts!

  8. They're all great - esp love the elephants!!


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