Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to make the perfect nautical outfit!

I found some really cute dresses at Ann Taylor Loft (find dress 1 here , dress 2 here and dress 3 here).

I couldn't find Dress 2 in white on polyvore (and couldn't figure out how to import it) but I think the white is slightly more nautical so just imagine it in white in the polyvore set:

With just a few accessories you can have the perfect nautical summer outfit! I would add nautical shoes and jewelry to all 3 dresses. I would add a nautical belt to the first dress (it doesn't come with a belt, just shown with one). A belt might work on dress 3 too, hard to tell from the photo. You could also add a nautical scarf to any of the dresses. I found a really cute scarf at Anthropologie that comes in three nautical designs (sailboats, whale, nautical flags). It is a bit pricey but would be a great investment piece for spring and summer. I included 4 different pairs of shoes, including some from Payless that are under $20!

Love this Urban Outfitters belt but it won't import into polyvore:

The forever 21 bracelets have anchors on them. I think the red and blue would look best with these outfits. The Anthro belts are sailboat, whale, and shell.


  1. Love those outfits! I just adore anythiing nautical, especially on my clothes. I have heard of polyvore a few times now, think I will have to google that one! xoxo

  2. Very cute looks! I love number 2. The pink is adorable & so summery.

    xo katie elizabeth

  3. I like all three looks but number three is my fav bc navy is my fav color :)

  4. Wow, that UO belt is perfection! ;)

    Great outfit ideas.

  5. Great tips! I really love the first of the three; the belt and dress are perfection.

  6. Cool belt!

    And yup! My comforter is seersucker :)


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