Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nautical Interior Design: Guest Blog by Shelli @ A'La Mode

Hi Ya'll!

I randomly ran across Nautical By Nature last week and instantly thought, um, where have you been all of my blogging life (oh, which is only 4 months by the way, ha)??? Needless to say, I was smitten!
My name is Shelli and I have a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on interior design, a' la mode. I've recently been thinking of adding a few nautical touches to my screened in porch and I thought I would share it with you!

So, the color scheme is right on, but lets be a little more literal!

Let's look for some pillows. Nautical chic, here we come!

A couple of these made from recycled sailcloth should do the trick! Dream big, right?

What about a few of these fun anchor coasters for my tables?
(also from recycled sailcloth, obsess much Shelli?)

what about the dining table?

Oh, me likey this little bad boy

Now, THIS is a fabulous look from Thomas Paul- lovin' the melamine platter!

To take it a step further, I think I would put my little baby girl in this cute dress from Rikshaw Designs

oh, and I'll wear this

and these

Oh, and lets pretend the view is THIS:

Whew! I think we're done here.

Thanks for having me today!

Come visit me at a' la mode

xoxo, Shelli


  1. Thanks for having me today! Hope you are having a fab vacay! xoxo shelli

  2. Navy & Seersucker! What could be more nautical

  3. Very cute ideas! Those Sea Bags pillows are amazing, and I love the idea of using a screened in porch as a dining area.

  4. Ohhh I'm so happy I found your blog!! I love all things nautical... and now reading through your blog makes me want to redo my house in all things nautical :) Hooray! <3

  5. Seriously, who doesn't like a little dash of nautical? (c: I really love the bright red tolix chairs...they add such a fantastic pop to the outdoors!

  6. omigosh, every item I kept thinking, "I love that!" "Oh and that too!!" I particularly LOVED the seabags coasters and pillows, the napkin holder (lots!!) and LOVED the platter!

    I was in Christmas Tree Shops today and saw ENDLESS amounts of nautical and beachy things. Seriously, it didn't end. Even the food section had a special on "Crab Chips!!"


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