Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nautical Outfit Ideas: Guest Blog by Glamorous Newlywed

Hi there! I'm Glamorous Newlywed - obviously that's not my real name... but it is on the internet! I'm not always glamorous, nor am I a newlywed anymore (unless you're still considered a newlywed after 3 years of marriage?) but hey, a girl can dream, right?

My blog is mostly about what to wear... to any occasion you can come up with!!! I started helping people solve their wardrobe crisis about a year ago, by creating cute, occasion-appropriate, and (mostly) budget friendly outfits for every occasion you could dream of, and what I used to do once in a while is now a once (or twice) a day occurrence. My husband LOVES this, because I'm so busy making outfits for other people, I don't have time to shop for myself anymore :)

When I'm not blathering on about clothes, you'll occasionally find posts on Glamorous Newlywed about cooking (my form of stress release), misadventures in motherhood, and my undying love for anything leopard print...

Because it's pretty much all I'm good at, I jumped at the chance to come up with some outfits for Miss Nautical by Nature... with a nautical twist, of course!

Nautical 1 - At Work

Nautical 2 - At Play

Nautical 3 - Dressed Up

Nautical 4 - Casual Day

Many thanks to Kate for letting me do this little guest post on her blog, I've been a longtime reader of Nautical by Nature and am so pleased to get to contribute!

If you find yourself in need of outfit inspiration (nautically-inspired or otherwise), please don't hesitate to head over to Glamorous Newlywed and let me know :)


  1. These are really cute outfits! I adore the sailor pants in the first outfit and that top in the second look.

  2. Super cute! I don't even think I can pick a fav because I love all of these looks!


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