Monday, June 13, 2011

Organizing online bookmarks

I don't know what I would do without online bookmarking! I actually thought everyone knew about online bookmarking until a friend saw my bookmarks and asked how it worked. I use Mozilla Firefox but I'm sure it is similar on other browsers. Bookmarking makes shopping, blogging, couponing, reading so much easier! I bookmark everything: books I want to read (I delete the bookmark once I read the book), recipes I want to try, nanny advice sites, and most importantly: shopping finds!!! I have a Shopping folder that includes stores and then I have my Wish list folder. The wish list folder includes actual links to items I want (also includes gifts for others)

To bookmark a website:
1. Click on the star at the end of the box where you type the web address (sorry, don't know the fancy name for this)
2. The star will turn yellow. This means you have bookmarked the website.
3. Click on the star again and you'll be able to edit the bookmark, add it to another folder, etc. You can also remove the bookmark this way (see photo below)

To edit/organize/manage bookmarks go to Bookmarks at the top left of the screen (between History and Tools)

When you click Organize Bookmarks this is what you get:

You can drag and drop bookmarks, create new folders, etc. Very easy!

Here is a list of the folders I have:

Some folders have subfolders (for example under Australia I have shopping, hotels, restaurants, university)

Here's a peak into the shopping folder (photo 1) and wish list folder (photo 2). These are just the first ones listed in each folder (you can organize alphabetically or chronologically)

I love that when I start typing a word in the web address box, it brings up any bookmarks that match! Here's an example of what comes up when I start typing "preppy" (the stars are sites that are bookmarked, Mozilla Firefox also includes websites I go to often):

I'm curious: do you bookmark? Do you keep track of links through a website (such as Wishpot)? I want to hear how you stay organized online!


  1. I definitely bookmark! That's too funny that people don't bookmark anymore. I have too much in my head NOT to bookmark stuff; I'd forget otherwise!

  2. I don't bookmark nearly as much as you do, but one thing I've found handy is that I can save a whole bunch of blogs in one folder, then at the bottom of the folder (in Safari, at least) is an option to "Open All at Once" in tabs. Saves me from clicking them individually.

  3. I have to bookmark, being extremely forgetful, but I must say I'm not nearly as organized about it as you! I totally live for the bookmark bar, though.

  4. Trying to use pinterest more or google docs so I can access at any computer. Also I'm addicted to adding things to my amazon wish was trouble once I learned you could download the button to add from any site!


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