Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ask Nautical by Nature: Nautical Storage

Two readers have emailed me about storage ideas for playrooms/kid rooms but these could be used in any room! I have actually had the best luck finding cute storage options at Homegoods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx (that is where I found the whale bins I have). Slightly lower prices and a lot of fun designs!

Here are my favorites from online:

Garnet Hill:

PB Kids (I like the rope handles):

Land of Nod:

PB Kids:

RH Baby and Child:


  1. I always forget to check Land of Nod. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great selections! I actually saw those ones in Garnet Hill and thought of you, haha!

  3. I so have still got to post on the Garnet Hill stuff! I was waiting to give my friend her bday present before I did it and now I have so it's time! I loveee the makeup bags I ordered!


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