Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dreaming of the Derby and Cinco de Mayo

Here is the outfit I would wear to the Kentucky Derby this weekend. Of course it's nautical ;)
Dreaming of Derby

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I am actually going to a graduation party with a Cinco de Mayo theme on Saturday. I haven't decided what I am going to wear yet. I will do another post on the outfit I decide to wear! Hopefully the weather will be a bit better this weekend. Way too humid and cloudy for me right now! This has been a busy week and I have an even crazier weekend. I have a lot to do before I leave for my work trip on Thursday!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby or BOTH!


  1. What a cutie patootie outfit...enjoy the weekend! xx

  2. that monogrammed hat is perfection.

    - l

  3. Looooveee that Lilly dress-- considered it for my FF as well!

  4. haha that hat looks familiar ;) I love that lilly dress - it looks really versatile!

  5. I am so excited I found your blog! 1 because I am beyond nautical obsessed!!!! And 2 I love finding fellow SoCal bloggers! I live in the OC!! But really how amazing is everything nautical?! I even made a Pinterest board dedicated to my nautical obsession! Def new follower here!


  6. I was SOOO about to go for the monogrammed hat. Love it. I seriously need one for the beach this summer.

  7. The Derby was so fun today; loved watching my family's horse, Dullahan show! That Lilly dress would be perfect!


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