Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Darien Sport Shop: One Stop Prep Shop

When I hear about stores like Darien Sport Shop I think I might be on the wrong coast. Of course the west coast coast is the BEST coast BUT style/shopping wise I definitely need to be back on the east coast! There are just no stores like the Darien Sport Shop in Los Angeles. No one stop prep shops out here. Thankfully Darien Sport Shop has an online store! So no matter where you are you can shop this preppy store! You can find all of your favorite preppy brands on their website.

Darien Sport Shop is located in Darien, Connecticut. The store brings old fashioned customer service to the internet-they call every individual who orders online and hand write them a thank you note! It's pretty rare to get a hand written thank you these days!

Lilly Pulitzer

Vineyard Vines

Jack Rogers

On my summer wishlist:
Lilly Pulitzer Kiera Dress (with nautical accessories):

Vineyard Vines Wood Handle Satchel (how cute would this look monogrammed?)

And these cute crab shoes for Baby Nautical:

**Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post. I didn't receive anything for posting about this website. I just want to help promote it!**


  1. Those crab shoes are too adorable! I just had a nephew born this week so they are giving me ideas!

  2. Those Robeez shoes are some of the greatest things for babies ever! I used to work in a children's boutique and they sold like hotcakes when we got them in!

  3. So funny that this store is in Darien. I have family friends (they used to live in Brentwood Glen but they're from England) who live in Darien. I was just there in February! Their town reminds me of the Stepfords Wives movie. You'd love it! I'll have to visit this store next time I visit them.

  4. Ohh I might have to order my next pair of jacks from there so I can get a personal phone call and a hand written note!

  5. I am totally going to check this store out! Thanks!

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