Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Royal Anchor

How cute are these nautical hair accessories for preppy princesses of all ages? Adorable and affordable at just under $7! Receive free shipping on all orders!

Pink and green Starboard:

Navy Wake:


The original: Royal Anchor:

**This is NOT a sponsored post! I just wanted to share these cute nautical accessories!**


  1. Oh my stars....I LOVE these!!! For Lallie? Perfect! How cute would these be for a little fourth of july outfit for our boating night to see the fireworks.

  2. oh my word. is it ok for an adult to wear these?!

  3. Omg! I have to order! I loved nautical hairbows!

    You'll have to check out my upcoming post on awesome nautical stuff I found at Target...I thought of your blog when I found them!

  4. These are fabulous! And def not just for the little ladies! Great find!

  5. Super cute. I especially love the original.


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