Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Soiree: Crab Party on the Beach

Today's guest blog post is from Sarah of Belle on Heels

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Hi everyone! Sarah from Belle on Heels posting today. Kate was sweet enough to guest post for me while I was away for my wedding, so I’m repaying the favor today.

I’m an event planner by trade, so I thought I’d do a little moodboard for a nautical/beach-y event. My husband is a Baltimore boy, born and bred, so in my new family, summer means one thing: crabs. While I’m still learning how to actually eat steamed crabs without making a total fool of myself, I absolutely love the communal feelings of these meals. Eating crabs is a very social experience, so it’s perfect for a party!

My ideal crab party starts with lovely engraved invitations. Any excuse for pretty paper, right?! Everyone would arrive at our darling {imaginary} beach cottage and help themselves to an ice cold beer or Cape Codder, complete with festive striped straws. {We used these at our wedding and they are even cuter in person.}

While everyone admires the beautiful ocean and the lovely hydrangeas surrounding the house, I finish steaming the crabs and roasting some sweet, summer corn. Everyone takes a seat and digs in. Don’t forget the Old Bay and lots of butter! After the meal, everyone has his/her own mini cherry pie for dessert. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I hope you’ve had fun at my little summer soiree. I wish we could all gather at the beach for a get-together like this!


  1. Looks fabulous! I am a Southern girl, so I like a good Low Country Boil, but a Crab Party sounds fabulous!

  2. I want to be at one of those parties (or several) this summer!

  3. Ah, that sounds amazing! Corn is definitely a barbecue staple here in Iowa, haha.


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