Monday, May 7, 2012

The One That Got Away: Retail Edition

I am pretty sure Katy Perry is not talking about the same thing in her song "The One That Got Away" but listening to those words makes me think of those things that got away. You know the top you saw but was sold out in your size? The tote that you just would not pay full price for (and then it sold out)?

Here is my list:
Jessica Simpson anchor luggage: I saw it in a Marshalls or TJ Maxx in New York City. I went back twice to look. I debated buying it. Would I pay to check an extra bag? Would I somehow fit my old suitcase into the new one? Too much work! I figured my local store would have the suitcase. The anchor luggage never made it to west coast stores :(

Anthropologie octopus ornament (there was also a sailboat): I assumed my local store would have this ornament. I didn't want to pay to ship something so small (I think shipping was more than the ornament). Sold out super fast and my local store(s) never stocked it

Anya Hindmarch boat bag: Two years in a row I made the same mistake. I waited for the bag to go on sale ($98 for a tote? I wasn't going to pay that!). Bag never went on sale and sold out. When it returned again I told myself I would buy it right away. Went to buy and it was sold out!

Lilly Pulitzer Stuffed Shells shorts:

I would love to hear what you regret not buying when you had the chance! Maybe someone out there has an extra or has seen what you are looking for in a store!


  1. I have those Lilly shorts! Come see me & you can borrow them:)

    happy Monday,

  2. The Lilly Pulitzer cherry bomb pattern shorts. I loved that pattern SO MUCH and just never pulled the trigger.

  3. it's so hard. sometimes you wait and get an AMAZING deal and sometimes you wait and you get a big ZERO. the bargain hunter in me HATES to buy things for full price, but sometimes you gotta do it!

  4. Love those Lilly shorts! I always seem to be waiting for things to go on sale, and then they never do. Just a few weeks ago I waited too long to buy this Gap Chambray dress. When it disappeared from their website, I called their headquarters and, after trying very hard, they determined that the dress had been sold out in every single store. Ugh!

  5. This is why I've become the queen of buying and then returning if I have second thoughts! Set up some ebay searches and see if anything comes up!

  6. this happens to me all. the. time. It happened to me at TJ Maxx a few months ago with a lamp. I searched everywhere for it, but no luck.

  7. ahhhh this happens to me a lot! There is some Liz Victory coral makeup bags I missed out on One Kings Lane and a Lilly P top I missed out on, on RLL. I was debating getting it and then it sold out. I should've remembered you can always return stuff!

  8. The bag & shorts are too cute!

    I let a pair of multi-pastel sandals go away one shopping trip at Target and I've been on the hunt for them for over 3 weeks!


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