Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TV Finales: Let's Discuss

Warning: If you haven't watched the recent TV finales then do NOT read this post or the comments!!!

I am finally caught up on almost everything in my DVR. Unfortunately I missed a bunch of finales while I was in Florida but DVR and watching online saved the day!


Gossip Girl:
I hope Chuck and Blair can finally be together in the last season of the show. I don't know if I can take any more back and forth! I liked Dan and Blair as friends and there was definitely a spark the first time they kissed (when they thought they should kiss to see if there was something there). But like Rachel and Joey on Friends it just didn't work to have them be a couple (no chemistry between those two!). And it didn't help that Dan's hair is AWFUL! I wish they would give Nate more scenes and a better love interest! I'm curious how the last season will go. I feel like the characters are so far from who they used to be (in a bad way). I liked Serena taking over Gossip Girl. But she's back to her crazy, selfish self in the end.
Who do you want Blair to be with?

I watched live with my friend M and she commented that the finale was very Alias-esque (the mommy issues, the weird conspiracy/Initiative). I liked the premise of Emily/Amanda getting revenge. I don't love this whole Initiative/conspiracy thing. I understand that the revenge thing can only go so far but the show is already crazy (in a good way)so I just hope it doesn't get even more complicated!! I am excited to see who the mother is though. Any guesses? Also I don't understand how FauxAmanda escaped Takeda? Did he let her go or did she escape?

The Vampire Diaries:
Love this show. Even when it isn't amazing it is better than most shows. There's just so much hotness. I love love love Matt Davis and hope he can be on TVD and his new show. Are we supposed to assume that Elena is a vampire now? I think I might rewatch the finale because my internet was so slow the first time I watched. It kept stopping and buffering.

I couldn't even tell you what happened the first fifty minutes. All I remember is their kiss. Amazing.

Hart of Dixie:
With most shows I have a favorite relationship ("ship") from the start (Felicity and Ben, Joey and Pacey, etc). But I could go either way on this show. I like Zoe and Wade together a lot. But I also like her with George. I think I like Wade a teensy bit more though

The most boring two hours. Wow. Not sure if it was because I was watching with H's parents but we were bored and not entertained at all.

The Mentalist:
It's time to tell us who Red John is. I love Simon Baker but c'mon. I can't take another season of waiting! I also thought we were going to find out that Rigsby's baby wasn't his so that he could be with Van Pelt. I want them back together!

Gosh darn! SMG being pregnant sealed the fate of this show. Canceled :( In my head Bridget and Andrew forgave each other and lived happily ever after. Siobhan was exiled to an island with crazy wife number one

Modern Family:
It's getting too sentimental. I'm not a fan of the voice overs at the end of each episode.

So glad this was renewed! I hope the bring Dev*on Sa*wa back. I like that they've pretty much kept Nikita and Michael together. Not sure where next season will go but I'll be watching!

I want to hear your thoughts! What finales did you love? Any cliff hangers you are still thinking about? Any shows you will drop in the fall?


  1. I think Emily/Amanda's mom is Nolan's aunt. This would explain the extra protectiveness and emotional connection of Nolan lately. And there is the interesting conversation with Nolan's aunt on the porch with Emily, the night she went to the wrong house looking for the white haired man.

  2. Chuck! Blair should definitely be with Chuck! I don't like Dan, and the whole Blair and Dan together was a complete destruction of Blair's character, but hopefully they will get that back on track. She and Dan are only good as frenemies. I would love it if Nate and Serena ended up back together. I never liked Serena with Dan, but again, I don't like Dan; he's way too judgmental, etc.

    I completely agree about the whole Red John thing. Enough already! But it will make me keep watching.

    I'm glad I didn't watch "Revenge" until I watched all episodes on Hulu. It is good but not great enough for me to watch in regular time, and it's way too complicated now for me to fully enjoy throughout a whole season. I'll just watch again next year like I just did. I hate that they were always going to make Daniel "dark," and that he's now dark; it's just too cliche for me ... oh, the rich guy is all dark and evil.

  3. I think you might be right, SLPS!

  4. I loved Dan and Blair together intellectually, but the rest of it was super weird!

    My bottom line with Revenge and how everything went with Takeda. Seriously, how does fauxAmanda get out? He is the master - did he start to train faux Amanda like he taught the real one? Did she kill again? Is this a hysterical pregnancy (which can cause tumors!)?

    I think Wade is, bottom line, too 'ordinary' for Zoey. As in, he isn't smart enough for her. Mean but true. Sorry!

  5. I would like Blair to find a man that respects her and urges her to grow as a person and a businesswoman.

  6. I'm so excited to watch the finales for Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie and Castle now! I know you posted a disclaimer about not reading the post if we weren't caught up, but I couldn't help myself.

    For the final season of Gossip Girl, I'd really like Chuck and Blair to get together. I agree that it has definitely strayed (in a bad way) from what it was in the beginning, but I still have hope that it will redeem itself while typing up loose ends in the final season.

  7. Love that you commented on how badddd Dan's hair is!!!! and Blair and Chuck better get back together! Love Revenge and hate that Ringer got cancelled, I really liked that show!

  8. Just wanted to agree about NCISLA. I thought it was pretty boring, and Callen's personality is annoying. I think they want to model him off of Gibbs' "silent but respected" character, but I just find him rude and almost intolerable.

    I still need to watch Castle's last 3 episodes and Nikita's last 2 before I watch the finales. I am so excited about the Caskett kiss!!!

  9. I can't WAIT to see how Gossip Girl ends and I hope the B and Chuck aspect doesn't take too long as I feel like I've been waiting forever for them to be back together and happy. If Dan doesn't cut his hair I'm going to have to start fast forwarding through his scenes. It's just too too much. ;)


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