Thursday, May 24, 2012

J.Crew and the Man Who Dressed America

TONIGHT at 10 pm on CNBC: documentary on J.Crew. CNBC follows J.Crew President and Executive Creative Director Jenna Lyons and her team of J.Crew designers as they work tirelessly to refine the Fall 2012 line and present it to their leader -- J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler.

I will definitely be recording this tonight. While I have questioned some of J.Crew's pieces in the past few years (I am still getting over the sequin harem pants!) I am loving the new spring and summer arrivals. Nautical everywhere! And critter shorts! I think I am seeing a bit of the old J.Crew in the new arrivals

Here's a sneak peek:

Will you be tuning in? Do you think Mickey Drexler changed J.Crew for the better?

**Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to share information on what I think will be an interesting documentary**


  1. I'm so excited to watch this with my sister tonight (she works at J. Crew)! I totally agree with you about J. Crew getting a little weird for a while there, but they have returned to their roots a bit recently.

  2. Hopefully this will be available online because I saw this too late to tune in. Looks great though!

  3. Man, I missed it. I agree, I hope they're getting back to the old J.Crew, I can't pull off their trendy line.


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